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Re: Looping with sequencers..

>>Another example, I downloaded the Rebirth demo a while back, which is
>>basically a simulation of 2 TB-303's and a TR-808, with some filtering,
>>distortion, and delay effects. It has the same basic, stupid kind of
>>sequencing that those boxes had in their day. And it's great for
>>looping stuff. (assuming you like the very well-worn sounds that it
>>You just start it up and begin adding things to the sequence, taking them
>>out again, playing with the filters, changing levels, etc. Pretty fun.

>HI Kim

>Try Seq 303 (if you have a PC) for more filters and infinite sounds. I
>discovered the prog last night and it's a killer. E-mail privately if

Hello loopers, I found found another great toy out there - a TB-303 analog
emulator. One of the cool things about this one is that is works in
(i.e. the oscillator, filter parameters etc. can be changed in real-time
without a sound 
delay), which isn't usually the case with PC synthies.
Neddless to say, I've been skipping sleep the last few days ;-)

This puppy is called VAZ (for PC) and a freeware version is available at


The full version (VAZ plus - which I haven't bought yet) offers multimode
portamento, ring modulator, up to 8 sequencer patterns, patch storage and 
even polyphony - sounds like even less sleep...

... and I'm not plugging for them

Talk to youse all later....