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Re: craft project

At 01:48 PM 1/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey kids,


>considerable spaghetti problem.
>So, I decided to build my own snake. After a variety of 
>tape/twist-tie configurations failed, I got $.50 of fabric 
>at Ben Franklin and spent an afternoon sewing and 
>listening to Paul Bley albums. I made a tube 7.5'x 1.5" 
>and threaded my cables through it. Presto-quick and tidy 
>setup and teardown. 
>I suppose this little invention won't catch on because 
>it's getting easier and easier to get one big controller 
>that can run all your stuff or one gadget that does 
>everything and then some (G-Force? Eventide? Powerbook 
>with MAX?), but I figured I'd share my Martha Stewart 
>moment with y'all.

Jeff, was wondering if you'd consider doing a lace doily for the top of my
rack ;)

Seriously, you're going to make some lucky loopette one heck of a catch
someday ;0

if you added velcro, you could use it as a wrap--make getting the cables in
and out easier (yeah, I know it's being done commercially, but in a LIGHT

I've been meaning to check out the drainage field hose section of Home 
and look for a practical diameter thaat I could slit and pack with cables

>Oh yeah, under no circumstances read Mark Vail's Vintage 
>Synthesizers book. It's worse than pornography. I was 
>filled with an unstoppable violent lust for gear. 

I'm on a post-gear orgy, 12-step program at the present time. Please 
my WEAKENED state . . . no more references to LOVELY, LOOOOVVVELY, gear  

>Jeff Schwartz

drone on~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tom
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net