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Re: Selling stuff over the internet


Your buyer sends them the dough.  They hold it in escrow.  You send your
buyer the merchandise.  They then have a short period of time to evaluate
it and either send it back to you or keep it.  

I've got a few friends who have used tradesafe more than once, and they're
very happy with it.

Scott Bullerwell

> From: Ed Drake <ejmd@erols.com>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Selling stuff over the internet
> Date: Thursday, January 29, 1998 09:36
> I had a question for anybody out there in loopland. I have an ADA MC-1
> controller for sale and I've had a response via the net, so I was
> what is the best way to avoid being ripped off? I've heard that shipping
> COD via one of the package carriers (UPS, Fed Ex, etc) is the best way
> does anyone have advice or experiences they would like to share? Pardon
> naivete concerning this.
> Thanks!
> Ed