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Weird. SGE Unhappy.

Weird.  My secondary delay/looping rack is inoperative, sort of.
It's almost like its on strike.

My ART SGE (who most people hate but I like it's delay/modulation
reverb FX) seems to still work as far as its analog effects, but
all the delay/modulation/reverb effects produce this kind of sound
if you put something through it:


It's like an instant grungifier.  All of the controls still seem
to work, I tried resetting to factory defaults and that didn't
work either.  

The sound is best described as a combination of: 60 hz hum, white
noise, and and horribly distorted jiggling.  

If I use the analog effects (compressor, eq, etc) they seem to work.
I guess I should write the ART people and ask them what's happening.

I get catalogs in the mail from new and used gear companies all the
time and still see the damn things for sale for about $250 or so,
so I guess it's worth getting fixed.  

Plus, Trey Gunn has one and I can hear on his albums when he uses it.
He uses it for the same things that I do, oddly enough.  The digital
chorus is especially nice.

I still have my Vortex of course.

Maybe I should go to a local gear emporium and look at the cast off
guitars by frustrated teens who couldn't master the Eaug9 chord.