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Spaghetti etc

Random set-up questions:

I have:
Guitar w/ gk 2a -> gr-30 -> synth out in stereo to mixer
                                                        guitar send to 
whammy, wah then to PSA 1
PSA stereo out to vortex
Vortex stereo out to mixer

2 questions.

1. The vortex is stereo and I can't sacrifice both Aux sends on the
mixer, the result is the varying level of the PSA (from patch to patch)
is sometimes too high for the vortex and it distorts, and I turn it down
and then up and then down...
If you were me, where would you put your Vortex?

2. I want to add a volume pedal to the guitar path.
If you were me, where would you put it? and would it be stereo or mono.

Thanks as always,