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Re: Any Hot News? New Looper!

>Hey  you insider  NAMM goers,  What's the news?  I'm especially
>wondering if the Boomerang folks are there, and if they've finished the
>new software chip? Are there any new choices for us loopy folks?  Sorry
>, if I sound over anxious, but I am .
>Thanks, Bill

Well, I'm not at NAMM, but noticed DOD (of all people) announced a 24
second, approx. $300 rack sampler, the Dimension 12.  Numerous knobs, pads
for triggering either four 6 second samples or two 12 second samples.
Reverse playback and lfo control of playback speed, looping, retriggering
for stuttering fx, etc. Looks interesting for the Loopers Delight crowdÉ

Check out Harmony Central.