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Re:Trilok Gurtu and additive loops

Andy Wolpert wrote:
>   Speaking Trilok Gurtu, of it seems that most of the looping technology 
is gear towards multiplicative rhythms, like 3 against 4 for while Gurtu 
and others often do additive rhythms like 3+4. 

I suppose this could be done using succesive loops of different (but 
metrically related lengths)

Has any one tried this?
Would the version EDP version 5.0 loop copy help?<

I guess your question is referring to MIDI sync problems, isn't it? 
I'm a Jamman user, so the MIDI features I deal with are much more 
limited than the EDP, but I have made "additive rhythm" loops 
without MIDI sync for practicing Balkan/ Armenian grooves (7/8, 9/8, 
10/8 11/8, 15/8 etc). But in these cases, nothing remarkable was 
involved, it was simply a matter of making a loop alone.

Return questions: 
(1) What sorts of MIDI sync features are possible on 
the EDP when one wants to sync, for example, a 7/8 groove (3-2-2) 
created using the Multiply feature to a drum machine or another 
looper? I ask this because a friend of mine will be travelling to Austin 
for the SXSW and he's goning to buy an EDP there (I live in Germany 
and they aren't available here).
(2) Which leads me to my second question: does the EDP have a 
power supply switch for European voltage/ frequency or is an 
additional trafo necessary?