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two-handed tapping on guitar

On the 2-handed guitar tapping thread, two things.

First -- The first time I saw this done was at a David Torn show in
Cambridge, MA w/Bruford and (I think) Mark Isham - back in 1988(?).

Great show.  Very inspirational, I went home and came up with a "piece"
based on the idea.

Neato stuff.

Second - there a simply stunning musician in Boston (brother of Helium's
Mary Timony) who plays two handed tapping style guitar.  He sits on a 
places the guitar UPSIDE DOWN so the body/pick-up's are over his shoulder
and plays chords and melodies simultaneously.  

I first saw him in Dublin.

He does shows no and again with his sister (Mary Timoney).

Does anyone know this guys full name or if he has recorded anything?

Over and out.