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Electro Harmonix Problem

I'm new to the list, so I apologize if this question has been covered

I am a guitar player and I'm trying to use an Electro Harmonix 16 sec delay
in conjunction with a Digitech GSP 2101 effects processor/preamp. I want to
take the signal out of the 2101's effect loop and return it to the input of
the effect loop. The problem is the effect return wants to see a +4db
signal level, and I'm guessing the Electro is sending -10db. The returned
signal is far too quiet.
I have asked the question on the 2101 list, but have not found a solution.
I noticed in the FAQ for the Oberheim echoplex on the looper's delight web
page there is a description of a mod which alows the same sort of thing for
this unit. It involves replacing some resistors.

Anyone ever heard of, or tried anything similar with the GSP unit?

Also, (sorry for the long message) anyone using an Echoplex - What is the
signal strength coming from its outputs? How much $$ is it (Canadian)?

Thanks in advance!