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Re: Decent inexpensive reverbs?--Lexicon Reflex

On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Ed Drake wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm not trying to drag the discussion down into gear geek talk but I was
> wondering what reverb processors everyone here uses. I'm in the market 
> a new reverb but I
> don't have a lot of cash, so is there anything out there that is decent 
> not a lot of money? (The eternal question)

That depends on what you mean by "not alot of money". I really dig the
Alesis Midiverb (4?) unit which seems to be running around $300. I
borrowed one to do some work on the Dark Aether Project CD and I fell in
love with the "Final Days" (or is it "Last Days"? I think it was preset
#56) patch which has this great dark chamber sound that added this amazing
big massive wall of gloomy nastiness to the sounds that I was using. You
can hear it on the "Heaven's Decent" loop piece on the CD. Anyone who
caught our show a couple of weeks ago, heard me using it on the solo loop
that I set up as a segue into our "Dark Aether" improv closer. 


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti

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