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RE: a woman's ears

Kim laments:
>Well, now you done it. I was lookin' all smart and then you had to go and
>ask questions. since I'm not any expert by any means, I'll just point you
>to some places where you can become one.

Well, the definition of "expert" is one of those relative things, ya 

[snip - major cool info]

>think of the fingernails on the chalkboard thing. Some people roll on the
>floor in agony. Others smile malevolently as the slowly drag a long pinky
>nail across the board, apparently with no discomfort, while enjoying the
>suffering of others. Being the latter sort, I've noticed that women are
>usually more prone to it, but many men will also be affected.

Scott B, you payin attention here?  What not to do.  ;-)  Gee, maybe we 
be sending Kim's girlfriend sympathy cards.

So.  It must be a pretty heavy schedule, Kim, what with all the pinky 
and such.  Mucho thanks for taking time out to respond to all my 
 (I'll bet you get off on clicking the keys with your nail too.  Put all 
plastic-tipped bank teller digits to shame...)


>From jungle@fdgroup.co.uk Tue Mar 10 09:31:34 1998