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Re: New DOD rack units

On 3/11/98 Adam Levin wrote:

>In the latest American Musical Supply Catalog there's a couple of new rack
>delay units from DOD. One has 24 seconds of delay with mention of loop
>mode and tap tempo. Price was around $275. Knowing how AMS started
>advertising the DOD-FX98 loop pedal months before it was in production,
>I'd guess that it'll be awhile before anyone can get there mits on these
>bad boys. Also, no signs of these units on DOD's (or AMS's, for that
>matter) web site.

I remember seeing the ad for the Jam Man a few months before they were in
the stores. A slaes rep at Chuck Levin's told me this was a fairly common
practice to get us talkinga bout the gear.


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