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Re: important question!

>At 07:27 PM 8/19/97 -0700, Goddess wrote:
>>  Hi all, does anyone know about any plans to give the edp the ability to
>>save it's current audio data on a floppy?

the current hardware doesn't have any way to support such a thing. you 
wouldn't want to use a floppy anyway, that's too small too hold much audio 

>>  Is there any way to save this
>>information via sysex?  

yes, you can do midi sample dump, which is unbearably slow if your loops 
any longer than about 1 second. (midi sample dump is just slow, nothing to 
with the echoplex.)

>>As a comment, I think it would be nice to have
>>somehting like a scsi port to plug a disk drive into.  It's a pain to 
>>things up to cassette all the time...

I agree. We (aurisis research) certainly plan to add support for such 
to our software someday. It will be quite some time before it would show up
in any products, though.

One idea for backup is to us a sequencer program that supports hard disk
recording. Record the loop audio from the edp to the hard disk, and add 
commands in the sequencer for start and stop record at the beginning and 
of the audio loop. Then when you want to load the loop back in, you just
play the sequence. It would start record on the echoplex while playing 
to it, and stop at the correct point. You could also have midi commands in
the sequence that set all the parameters to where you want them for that
particular loop. So you would  play the sequence and be all ready to go. A
nice benefit of this is that you could actually listen to the loop while it
is "loading" so it might even be more convenient in real-time use than
waiting for a scsi load. The down side would be the extra pass through a/d
and d/a convertors.