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CDR870 disc duplication

This is driving me nuts, and using up discs.  I can copy, copy, copy.  But
I discovered that I cannot copy ANY disc complete with track numbering,
etc.--in other words, it seems that though I get the digital audio in, no
other info is being recognized.  On the good side, no SCMS; on the other,
no complete duplication.  That is, I can dupe any CD--but it's all one
track!  Anybody got a clue here?  Have made an initial email contact with
Philips, but no response yet.

Sorry this is getting so off-topic, but it still seems to be of interest to
several folks here....

>>This is very curious.  It seems that I've made some assumptions about 
>>which are incorrect.  As a test, I just did as you said, and put a disc I
>>recorded on the CDR870 (my own material, analog input) into my CD deck,
>>linked up the digital out and the CDR digital in.  Copied fine, as you 
>>Then I did the same with a disc I had made from a commercial music CD (on
>>the 870, digital in)--and it STILL copied OK!  So I made a copy from a 
>>of a commercial disc, all digitally.  When the heck does SCMS kick in,
>Whoa!!! Copied OK from a copy of a commercial CD!?!  Could you repeat this
>test with another CD?  I'd be VERY interested in hearing about your
>SCMS _should_ take effect on the second generation, but it dosn't appear 
>be working on your machine.  Anyone else have a CDR870?  Can you replicate
>these results?
>If you get the same results, the CDR870 might just be the cheapest pro
>(non-SCMS) digital recorder in the known universe (BONUS!)
>Let me know if you discover anything else!  You may have just saved
>yourself (and a lot of the rest of us) 200 bones!  (Won't tell you what MY
>girlfried would assume I was talking about if I told her I wanted to spend
>$200 on a scum stripper)
>-Doug Tapia