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brown25, sample sites, Loop/Sample Info

Thank you very much for the sites, I will be checking them out shortly.
Other attempts at finding sampling/looping info are not very forthcoming.
Book stores seem to forgo them, the few books which can be ordered seem
somewhat questionable.
The technical language though simple for the users, subscribers long-time
to Electronic Musician, etc. those have followed the sonic evolvement from
Alleatory, Musique Concrete, etc., the beginnings of cheaper digital
sampling with the Emu Emulator, will know the code phrase jargon.  I'm
still looking for more!  Haven't gone to the retail sampler stores yet.
One of the reasons for my forray into sound is a webpage for a
communications technology class at U.T. at Austin.  It is sampling/looping
based and I hope to learn and put on quite a bit of interesting information
upon it.  Anyone with other sites/knowledge, I would interested to hear
from you.  What's it all about to you?
I'm also interested in this because I often like music that with sampling
and looped and I usually notice it and wonder, damn how did they do it?
It's fascinating.  The closest I get is DJing it, ambient/techno/jungle.  
Whomever can help me with some input pertinent to these looping/sampling
inquiries, big thanks!