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New MIDI Controllers

There was a thread going on about future MIDI controllers that this is in
response to.  I just came across an article in the lastest Electronic
Musician* that no one has mentioned yet.  Here's a brief excerpt from the
"Tech Page" column by Scott Wilkinson:

Morpheus Designs, a company based on the Greek island of Santorini, was
demonstrating [at winter NAMM] a product called the MusicMat, which is a
mattress pad embedded with numberous force-sensing resistors (FSRs).  As
you move around in the pad, the FSRs send signals directly to a sound
module using a proprietary wireless protocol called Sleep-eNhancing
Object-oriented Radio Energy (SNORE).

End excerpt.  The article includes a picture of the controller with the
sound module, standard keyboard controller and monitor emBedded in the
MusicMat's headboard.  Very cool looking - every body needs one.


*This was in the April issue of EM.  For those not familiar with the US
tradition of April Fool's day, now you are.