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Re: Slick n' Finished VS Fresh n' New

At 11:53 AM 3/26/98 -0800, Mike Biffle wrote:
>OB KimF disclaimer... hit that delete button now Kim! 8->

Hey, I don't have a problem with long discussions about improvisation.
That's what *I* like to do! Of course it's nice if we deal with
improvisation AND looping.....

Now, despite appearances, I don't have any problem with Robert Fripp or his
music. But for reasons that I don't understand (nor do I need them 
in excruciating detail! :-) Robert Fripp discussions here usually end up in
very long dissertations on something like "How Fripp tunes his guitar and
why it changed my life". If you guys could once in a while manage nice,
informative, on-topic discussions like perhaps "how Robert Fripp uses Loops
and what I learned from that" you'd hear a little less bitching from me!  

well, probably not much less....:-)

OB thread related stuff:  I think looping provides an interesting way to 
(improvised) structure to improvisational music. Since you instantly get
repetition of a theme and the ability to recall previous ideas at will, you
can create something with more development, intent, and direction, without
necessarily planning it all ahead of time. And you can easily add various
levels of rhythm to provide flow and backdrop to other improvisations. So
it's a great tool to help you avoid the very real danger in improvised 
of meandering endlessly, saying nothing, and losing your audience. 

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