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Joni the Loop freak !!

> If we remember right, Jaco Pastorius opens MINGUS with an absolutely
> bass riff.
> Joni Mitchell is pure brilliance...that she was looping coyotees in the
> seventies seems right in line.
> Best,
> the LoOpdOctOrs

yes she sure is.....and i hear the new CD she's about to release is chock
full of roland VG-8, maybe we'll get s'more looping out of her. One of the
coolest uses of loops is on her "Dog Eat Dog" LP/CD - a track called
"empty(try another)" where she grabbed a short soundbite of a cigarette
machine - the sound it makes when an empty 'brand' is chosen - a cool,
metallic, dragging sound, then she looped that, and at-the-time hubby Larry
Klein laid down a slinky bass line for her to chant/sing over. Very cool
album, that, it really melds together 80s synth sounds and acoustic beauty.
And how 'bout the looped Burundi drums on "The Jungle Line" on "Hissing of
summer Lawns.." ?? Transcendent. A big influence on me - for the goal of
using loops in a very song-supportive role..

... she's just spectacular - and FINALLY touring!! on the w. coast with Van
morrison/Dylan... actually - thanks to the VG-8 !! She's said in several
interviews that one of the reasons she hasn't toured in years is the huge
hassle of having 20-30 guitars on stage to facilitate her many alt. tunings
- the VG has solved that neatly for her, and she raves about it!! of
course, the obligatory info -http://www.jonimitchell.com

LOOP away, Joni!!!!