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Re: interesting bay area concert

I can't afford $10

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Kim Flint wrote:

> speaking of new instruments,
> This sounds like an interesting show at cnmat, featuring my old cohort 
> Wright along with David Wessel and Shafqat Ali Khan. cnmat is the Center
> for New Music and Audio Technologies, at UC Berkeley. check the web page:
> http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/
> directions are there too. show is at 8, $10.
> matt's mail:
> >I sent you all an email announcement about some concerts I'll be doing 
> >David Wessel and the amazing Pakistani singer Shafqat Ali Khan.  The 
> >concert, with me providing just a drone, went very well on Saturday.  
> >we're busy getting ready for the much more technically challenging 
>second set
> >of concerts.
> >
> >Here's the blurb I sent last time:
> >
> >    This one will be a lot wilder.  Shafqat will be singing again, but 
> >    time the band will be David Wessel and me, playing totally 
> >    instruments.  It's going to be totally improvised.
> >
> >    I can't say too much about it, because, of course, we're still 
> >    our instruments.  David will probably be using his Buchla Thunder
> >    controller, via a new version of the software he's been developing 
> >    recent years.  I'll be using the Wacom tablet and probably some 
> >    stuff.  There will be a drone, but that's not all I'll be doing.  
> >    be a lot of grooving rhythmic stuff.  His voice will be going into 
> >    and we'll be sampling and processing it in real time.  And I'm sure 
> >    get some other goodies in there over the next few weeks.
> >
> >    This concert will be two nights, Thursday, 4/2 and Thursday, 4/9.  
> >    the official blurb:
> >
> >    Longtime musical collaborators Shafqat Ali Khan (vocals) and David 
> >    (interactive computer instrumentation) are joined by Matt Wright
> >    (interactive computer instrumentation) for an evening of 
>improvisation and
> >    interaction.  They create a musical common ground, informed by 
> >    Indo-Pakisani music, upon which a vital dialogue takes place.
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