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Re: MIDI problems ???

>Now realize: modern synthesizers are quite capable of providing
>huge and subtle varieties over the timbre of a sound.

You mean opening and closing a low-pass filter?
Multi-samples are still the most-widely used audio
rendering technology around, and that seems to be the
only significant timbral change supported.  And I've
complained before about the fact that neither the GR-30 nor
the super-filter-centric Morpheus synth actually
bothers having their filters track dynamic pitch
changes (their filters follow triggered pitches,
not pitch bent pitches, which is a poor match for
how guitar controllers transmit things like hammer-ons--
and the GR-30 is a guitar synth!).

I'd much prefer to see them get what they've got
now working better than worry about transmitting new
stuff.  As you say, simply speeding up MIDI will be
a useful first step.  If someone can multiplex MIDI
channels somehow so every note gets its own channel,
I think that (the two together) would solve the vast
majority of the problems.