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Re: loopers wishlist and basic training tapes

Fmplautus <Fmplautus@aol.com> intoned:
>The audio cassette that comes with the EBOW is a great instructional tape,
>yes, a model of intelligence, clarity, and human empathy.  Would that 
>manufacturers would follow.

...Audio cassette?  I was given mine back in early '91, and it came with 
box and a small pamphlet of instructions.  Frankly I find the e-Bow itself
an excellent tool, and transparent to whatever purpose I put it to.  I play
it with both electric and acoustic guitar.

ONLY ONE THING I'd change about it in its present one-string form, though.
And that's the inexpensive shell for the battery attach, which I ended up
replacing myself with a little solder.  Which (since I don't have a second
one) is as far as I'm going to go in dissecting my little gem.

Early on I inquired to its maker as to whether plans were in the works for 
multiple string revision of this mighty little fellow.  I was informed
politely that this is second place to the most-requested e-Bow, that for 
bass, but that neither were at that time ('92) in the works.  Anything
beyond that he was pretty silent about, despite my offering to send my
design for their use.  If I had the money, I'd buy 5 of them and mount 'em
together myself, but hey!

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