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Re: Yuppies and Loops

>1. Is it possible to play in a non-club setting
>with a mixture of ambient, illbient and pop and
>have an audience that will understand?

no idea if any of you are guilty of this, but one thing I often notice
about more musiciany, "experimental" types, is that they don't realize that
performing is a skill too. What they do on stage other than the music can
be pretty dull. It usually takes more than just the music to be
entertaining in a live setting, especially if the audience isn't familiar
with the music.

I've often had the experience of being fully entertained by a *performance*
when I either didn't like or didn't understand the music that went with it.
Maybe that's part of the key? Take some lessons from some of those dreadful
cover band types just on how to be an entertainer?

So you might want to explore the stage presence and charisma side of it as
a way to draw the audience into what you are doing musically. That might
help them understand it as well. Visual activity can do a lot of explaining
for you. And if that isn't doing it, maybe you can pause and simply explain
it to them with words, stimulate their curiosity and interest, and maybe
just make some personal connections with the audience. People are willing
to sit around a bit longer if they just like the people on stage as


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