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Re: Getting People to gigs. ..and WHAT gigs..?

 Forgive my rambles:

Theres always a problem finding/keeping gigs for non-mainstream music.
However, here in the Tampa Bay area, I tend to get hired just because I do
not do standard coffeehouse music ("Brown Eyed Girl", etc...). Also it 
that I have a rather pretty girl who plays flute and sings, while I loop my
gtr synth underneath. I have played quite a few 'corporate' coffeehouses,
with the bright lights and tiled floors, with your standard yuppie
clientele- some like it, most are indifferent, which is a lot worse than
openly hating it, at least I get a reaction, and if I can get them to 
even better. Then after its all over, I have to think, why would I play a
place when I KNOW they either won't like it, or they don't care? Hell, in
some of these places, Bob Dylan or Van Morrison himself could be playing,
and it wouldn't matter. I'd rather sit home and play, at least I won't have
to carry all the eqipment. Now,  I don't put myself in that kind of
position. Its useless to present something in what is obviously the wrong
forum. I play privately owned coffeehouses with a great response, interest,
etc. Also bookstores (private AND corporate) have been great places to 
Also, here in Florida, there are many small performance spaces that hold
maybe 50-100 people. Quite a few art shows too. My advice is to not play a
place that you KNOW is gonna suck. Usually, they don't pay all that well, 
least not enough to get your next piece of looping gear. I always feel 
when it seem like I'm 'forcing' my art on people.
Dave Eichenberger
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