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Re: Hackles have been raised!

---TritoneDW <TritoneDW@aol.com> wrote:
> About this statement:
> << Looping still is home to the overly
analytical and cerebral types
>  of energy. Those folks do more damge than
good to
>  music in any category cause they reduce music
>  something less than the gifts it can bear. >>
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but are you
saying that the intellect has no
> place in music of any type? Are you saying
that the use of analytical and
> intellectual skills actually make music worse? 
> It really irks me when people use terms like
"analytical" and "academic" and
> "intellectual" in a perjorative way. Can music
only "bear gifts" when it has
> been written to the lowest common denominator?
Is Madonna better that Bach
> because she's less intellectual? 
> I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music,
from folk traditions to avant garde
> contemporary music, and I would never presume
to insult anyone's music because
> it's too smart, or not smart enough. As an
artist, I endeavor to bring my
> entire self to my work--my intellect, my
heart, my soul. I don't think
> striving to make intelligent music takes away
from my work in any way. In
> fact, I think it can only help. Having a brain
doesn't preclude having a
> heart, does it?
> Am I the only one here who feels this way?
> Drew Wheeler   

Sounds like someone who's been to one too many
contemporary chamber concerts? Or someone who's
had a music professor who composes with number

There is of course such a thing as overly
intellectual music, music that is composed with
theory only.  And on the other hand, there is
music that is emotive shit.

Music should blend emotion with thought, Hod
with Netzach, heart with head.  This = soul.


Rev. DOubt-Goat (mad occult loopist!)
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