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Re: Hackles have been raised!

Intellect and analysis belongs wherever its needed and desired.

Understand Im talkin bout extremes here..and there are plenty of them in 
aspects of earthly existence these days.

Sincerly, No one music is better than another or preferably more apt to be 
a more
giving or substantive listening experience ( perfect example of me using 
verbiage here - Im guilty of that an awful lot.)

When you obsess and keep kicking around the what ifs aznd what nots about 
this and
a particular "that" and make that particular process more of a 
preoccupation to
actually listening and "hearing" a piece you often times are removed from 
beauty and joy or utter nonsense a music(s) moment has to offer you. Now 
thats a
somewhat frippian statement but its something ive observed to be true over 
time (

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and their opinion isnt necessarily 
right or
wrong...it just is ya know.

Overly analytical types often ruin a lot of experiences for others because 
analysis is always either intrusive, unsolicited and often times in the 
case of
"the fripp headed - ( easy generalization here ) " a way for those types to
publically show how in tune with something that everybody else is missing  
- It
aint a bad thing in and of itself but externally viewd its perceived a lot 
ways.. usually all negative & ultimately hurting the music and the artists 
of such
"difficult/new/avant garde" musics on many differnt levels.

Those types always make listening to music akin to algebra or calculus 
and often times turn music appreciation into a sport. That was the point I 
trying to make.

No more analysis for me today.


TritoneDW wrote:

> About this statement:
> << Looping still is home to the overly analytical and cerebral types
>  of energy. Those folks do more damge than good to
>  music in any category cause they reduce music to
>  something less than the gifts it can bear. >>
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but are you saying that the intellect 
>has no
> place in music of any type? Are you saying that the use of analytical and
> intellectual skills actually make music worse?
> It really irks me when people use terms like "analytical" and "academic" 
> "intellectual" in a perjorative way. Can music only "bear gifts" when it 
> been written to the lowest common denominator? Is Madonna better that 
> because she's less intellectual?
> I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music, from folk traditions to avant 
> contemporary music, and I would never presume to insult anyone's music 
> it's too smart, or not smart enough. As an artist, I endeavor to bring my
> entire self to my work--my intellect, my heart, my soul. I don't think
> striving to make intelligent music takes away from my work in any way. In
> fact, I think it can only help. Having a brain doesn't preclude having a
> heart, does it?
> Am I the only one here who feels this way?
> Drew Wheeler