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SV: Garbarek album (from 1984)

Absolutely , this album is great!!  On a related subject:  Has anyone 
heard anything
by the "Everyman Band"  (with DT)??  I believe they released an album with 
Jan Garbarek
in the middle eighties.    


>anyone familiar with "it's Ok to listen to the grey voice" (sic) by Jan
>Garbarek, featuring the loverly gittar of Mr DT ???
>Just - re-familiarized meself with it tonite - great album!!!
>some diff'rent stuff than what i've been listening to from Torn (i been
>spinning mostly the new BLUE, Tripping, What Means? and various Karn and
>Polytown) - this garbarek date has a lot more 'clean' arpeggios and some
>truly sick solos - sparse but dense when they happen... and *lo!!* some
>guitar synth from DT... Jan's smmoth sax tone has always been a fave- and
>is why i grabbed this years ago - not real familiar with DT at the 
>anyway - recommended if ya don't have it