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RE: More recent Torn

I would also recommend the new Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
with DT and Chris Botti.  I saw them last night at the Birchmere
(also will be going to the Orion Shows on Friday)
Great stuff (both on Record and the live versions)
You can order from Papa Bear direct if you can't
find it in your local store.


DT had two echoplexes last night and was amazing.
I had not heard Botti before but was impressed, reminds
me of pre-fusion Miles Davis.  Buford and Levin were
 brilliant as usual.  I really enjoyed the show.


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> From:         Jon Durant
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> Sent:         Thursday, April 16, 1998 6:40 AM
> To:   John_Ott@ATK.COM
> Subject:      More recent Torn
> If I may, I'd actually like to recommend some of his more recent
> efforts,
> though they are as sideman/producer. In particular, his playing on
> Brian
> Gingrich's "The White Rim of Heaven" is tremendous, and the whole
> album is
> well worth checking out. This album, along with the Robby Aceto "Code"
> CD,
> and Caryn Lin's "Tolerance for Ambiguity" (both produced by Torn) are
> available at most decent stores (though, not always, as we find out on
> a
> daily basis) and direct from Alchemy (www.alchemyrecords.com;
> 800-292-6932). Yeah, OK, I'm biased towards them, but DT, as always,
> is
> well in evidence on these recordings.
> One with which I have no affiliation is the delightful pop record "Big
> TOp
> Shop Talk" by McKinley. Torn produced and played all over this record.
> A
> very cool effort.
> Oh, and then there's the stunning "Discord" by Ryuichi Sakamoto. This
> is
> the orchestral effort w/Torn and DJ Spooky creating atmospherics. Wow,
> what
> a gorgeous record. Torn's buried in the mix, but it's still a great
> record.
> Later,
> Jon Durant