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Re: holdsworth(was garbarek 1984)

> >I have not seen the video but I do have teh book Just For the Curious.
> >His phrasing is unique among guitarists (e.g. lots of perfect fourths)
> >because he effortlessly uses fingerings that most guitarists would not
> >consider "comfortable".  It's worth checking out for guitarists (and
> >Stick players) who want to take their phrasing in a different =
> direction.
> Is it "Reaching for the uncommon chord" you are referring too?

No.  Just For The Curious is a different, more recent instructional book,
based on the video of the same name.

> Ia considering buying that......do you think it is possible for a =
> guy(me)
> with normal stretching abilities to play his chords??

I don't see why not.  His fingers are not much longer than mine and I can
assure you I am a normal guy with normal-sized hands.


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