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Re: Re: holdsworth(was garbarek 1984)

In a message dated 4/17/98 11:56:41 AM, Paolo wrote:

>> >>I have not seen the video but I do have teh book Just For the Curious.
>> >>His phrasing is unique among guitarists (e.g. lots of perfect fourths)
>> >>because he effortlessly uses fingerings that most guitarists would not
>> >>consider "comfortable".  It's worth checking out for guitarists (and
>> >>Stick players) who want to take their phrasing in a different 
>> Forget not "comfortable", how about physically impossible?? I have seen 
>No, not physically impossible, unless you have unusually small hands or
>unusually short fingers.  As mentioned earlier, I met Holdsworth briefly
>at a guitar clinic in San Marcos and found his hands to be quite normal
>in size.

I haven't had the opportunity to meet AH, but I have seen picture of him,
particularly with other people, and one of him riding his bicycle. He 
to be a bit on the tall side (6'3"?) and I would gues his hands are a 
bit above average in size. My hands are slightly smaller than average, but 
can span a tenth on a piano easily, for instance.

>> video tape for "Just for the Curious" and I could not believe the kinds 
>> fingerings he seemed to be reaching effortlessly....one in particular 
>> extremely wide stretch with the index and pinky, and the middle and ring
>> fingers jammed close together in the middle- I couldn't play it with two
>> and my nose.....
>It's all just practice.  There's a jazz guitarist in the Pacific Northwest
>(sorry forgot his name) who plays similarly close-voiced chords a lot.  He
>recommends having a low action on your guitar and using the side of the
>index finger instead of the pad for the most extreme stretches.  Keep in 
>mind that Holdsworth will occasionally fret notes with the right hand.  
>So basically, just lower your action, work your way up, etc.  Relax, of

I can't relax. I panic! Seriously, my guitar has a pretty low action, but 
of the stretches are justy out of my reach......then again, I can't dunk a
basketball, either!!