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Assd. Holdsworthisms

>The equipment he has made is mostly in support of his tone philosophy that
>for his overdriven guitar sound he needs power tubes - preamp tube
>distortion is not enough. 

...although he's apparently using the new Yamaha digital preamp in his 

On the big hands issue, I went through Uncommon Chord and revoiced the
chords into handy intervals.  OK, so my "Home" doesn't sound exactly like
Allan's "Home", but it's close enough to make me happy.

Regarding the Atavachron thing, I can see both sides of the argument, but
have to say this sems that we (those who follow his music) seem to be on
the receiving end of his legendary pickyness..  :(

On the subject, Kim mentioned:
>Once upon a time there was a NAMM show where I had to work the whole damn
>show in the Oberheim booth. I even wore a suit and tie, making me an
>honest-to-god Suit for four days.

Is that a problem?  Surely the fact that you were wearing a suit doesn't
make you part of a conspiracy... I'm wearing a suit now,  as an act of
rebellion againt the t-shirt and jeans slackers of the University;
expressing my individuality!  And hey, Reeves Gabrels in Tin Machine looked
the _coolest_!