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Re[2]: just a casual reminder....

     Hey thanks, Trevor!
     I'm glad Thomas W. piped up about Kim's girlfriend thread... 
     Now everyone contributed to that one didn't they? *That* was 
     interesting reading! 8-> Kim... Do you own a fuzzbox? Aren't you the 
     least bit curious?
     I seem to remember one Z. Vex box which was designed by Chuck Zwicky. 
     Is that *our* Chuck Zwicky? (How many could there be?) Maybe a short 
     20 page review of that one, with looping references please, might 
     satiate our sick lust for guitar and all related information! 8-)=
     Once again...

Kim Flint...
>>just a casual reminder....
>>...that this is LOOPER'S Delight, not Guitar Player's Delight.....

>>Now, some of you six-string wunderkinds may find this completely 
>>but a lot of people here don't even play guitar! I know it's hard to
>>believe, but it's true! Guess how interested they are in long discussions
>>about guitar playing that have no looping content whatsoever?

Trevor wrote...
>I though I ought to jump out here for old Mike's support here...

Hey! 44's not that old... ;->  I'm regressing every day! Soon (not soon 
I'll be blatheringly happy and making happy retirement noise...

>Not that this has ever happened, but if there was ever a thread that I 
>was interminably dull (inconceivable, but one must accept the remote 
>possibility :-), I just delete the message.  I've thought about this, and 
>my gear geekery exceeds that of all but a few of my friends, we all seem 
>to be 
>pretty much tied.  In fact, sometimes I feel like the Luddite of the 
>(tube amp, twenty-five year old pedals, 30+ year old guitar, and a 
>When the discussions of the various software programs for sequencing, 
>time-stretching, etc come along, I just erase them, after browsing 

>Please don't take my pedal reviews away!

>And I agree that this is the most stimulating list that I belong to, in 
>ways, despite the fact that our musical tastes seem to differ.  What I 
>about the discussions we have here is that most of us seem to be a group 
>challenges their current aestetics.

>Not to mention we seem to be an exceedingly funny bunch as well.