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RE: Current Listening, once againnnnn...

Since we're on Nels. He has a new album called "Sad" (I also recommend

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And guess what kids! He loops. I tried to mention this about a month or
so ago  . . . he uses an EH 16-second delay. 

Highly recommended. Uses lots of p*****s, as well as space guns and egg

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For you LA folk he will be playing at Luna Park on May 3rd with GE
Stinson (who also loops) on Guitars, Jeff Gathier (who sometimes does)
on violins, and yours truly on 6-string basses (looping as well). The
band is the GE Stinson String Group. Lots of noise damage, bucolic
bliss, classical stylism, big riffs, twisted blues imagery . . .
basically whatever happens-total improv.

Chris Speed from NY will be here with his band.

> I also have been listening to the Nels Cline Trio, "Ground" and that's
> a nice 
> blend of straight ahead free jazz, with a heavy dose of Sonic Youth
> style noise 
> injection. Nels and Thurston Moore also have a disc out called "The
> Pillow Wand"
> which is also interesting for aggressive ambience types.
They also have something called In-Store.

> I listen to Terje Rypdal "EOS" (duo with cellist David Darling) at
> least two 
> times a week... 
>      -Miko