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Linda McCartney Dedication

In tribute to Linda and the good work she did while here (at least
physically), for the next two Saturdays, The Loop Of The Week will be
dedicated to her.  I prefer to think of the positive work to be done
in the future, and it's in that sense that I am doing this, at

In case you didn't know, +ACI-The Loop Of The Week+ACI- is an ambient,
self-running loop recording, posted also as a ZIPped archive for other
than the Windows/95/NT platform.  Opinions of the Loop have been
positive, from me being told that they were used as audio mantras for
meditation, to use in music therapy of sorts for terminal patients
(this from a nurse in Texas).  Previous tributees via the LOTW are
few: Carl Perkins, and Ewart Abner (the man who originally signed the
Beatles at Vee-Jay Records).

Stephen P. Goodman
EarthLight Productions-Studios