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Re: Current Listening, once againnnnn...

Ry Cooder/Jim Keltner/Jon Hassel - Trespass Soundtrack.  
Daniel Lanois - For The Beauty Of Wynona. 
Miles Davis Quintet 1965-1968 (the new box).
Kenny Wheeler/Sonny Greenwich Quintet at the Montreal Bistro
Tool - Aenima
David Lindley & Hani Nasser - two "official bootlegs" called Playing Real 
      Playing Even Better
Paul Motian Trio - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart

I think any fan of Torn's should check out the Trespass soundtrack, lots of
dark intense guitar stuff.  The Lanois reminds me of a burning question - 
features a lot of Bill Dillon on guitarorgan.  Exactly how did these things
work and what specifically did they do?  Never played one myself but he 
some pretty cool sounds out of it here.  Sorry if this is too much of a 
geek question...offlist is OK.

Ken R