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Re: THE TOP 5!

In a message dated 98-04-24 11:30:34 EDT, you write:

<<    Hi all,smaug from Mexico city here,I've been following this list for 
 month now,very interesting,but as a newcomer in the looping stuff /only a 
 year/ I have a question,I know this inquire is very subjective but,what 
 loop recordings could be considered as the top 5 of all time to the 
 people of this list? >>

Thanks for pointing out ahead of time that this is all subjective...

These folks have done a number of things with loops that I could have 
but the standouts to me are:

Joni Mitchell - The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey (from Mingus)
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (from Revolver) 
Bill Frisell - Power Tools (just about anything on it...)
David Torn - What Means Solid...(particularly title tune)
Daniel Lanois - Sling Blade soundtrack

If I can add things that were played in real time of a loop-like nature, as
someone else has, I'd add:

Miles Davis - On The Corner
Steve Reich - Tehellim

Not sure whether they'd be included in this, but two of my favorite records
with lots of sampled & looped grooves are:

Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet
MeShell N'degeocello - Peace Beyond Passion

Weather Report used to do some things with repetetive sequenced parts, 
such as
In Pursuit Of The Woman In The Feathered Hat from Mr. Gone that I thought 
very cool.  That particular one has an ostinato line that comes in with the
groove and changes timbre as different layers are piled on.

Ken R