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my new release....


My name is Jeff Pearce, and I've been on the list for about two months now,
although this is my first posting.  It's been really great reading about
you good (and bad!) experiences with looping!

This is a blantantly commercial post, so I hope this doesn't offend!  I've
just released my latest cd, "Vestiges", and I taked with (ok, "e-mailed"
with) Kim about making it available to the people on this list.  All the
music on Vestiges is looped- some noticeably, some not-so-noticeably.  The
only instrument used is the electric guitar, but there's nary a "skronk" on
the disc.  The music probably falls into the space/ambient genre, but
there's also some tension to it that keeps it a little "outside" of that 

Anyway, if any of you are interested in this disc, I'm making it available
direct from me for $7- shipping and handling included.  For outside the US
orders, it's $10.  If you're interested, please reply to me personally at
pearce@tctc.com and I'll send you the mailing address, etc....

If you're interested in hearing before you by, there are a couple of
options.  First of all, music from Vestiges will be featured on this week's
"Music from the Hearts of Space" radio program.  It's a syndicated program
that, if it's in your area, will be on public radio.  The second option
would be to check out
www.hypnos.com/audio.htm   and click on the Jeff Pearce cut.  This ISN'T on
Vestiges, but IS on a compilation that a label in Oregon has recently
released.  I think that there is also a link to my web site there (my site
is www.hypnos.com/pearce/).  The site is still under construction, but will
soon feature audio clips, older reviews of my music from Guitar Player and
Downbeat, etc......

Thanks for reading, and keep looping!