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Simple rig (was THE TOP 5!)

>I've basically been able to get my whole looping and effects pedal set
>up (EH 16 including foot controller, plus three fuzz pedals, trem and
>uni-vibe clone) into a backpack style lap-top computer case. (These
>cases are extra padded to protect against drops, and seem to be well
>worth the cost BTW.) The mobility is great (easily transported and no
>hassle on the airline when going to NYC), much better that the two plus
>racks of effects gear plus fuzzes that I used to carry around. Only
>drawback, no stereo (fewer back problems though).

Sounds like a great idea with the computerbag....I always wondered how I 
could make my pedals transportable........
My simple-setup:  2-unit rackbag (rocktron) wich contains a Jamman and a 
                                1 Rat distortionpedal
                                 1 Ernieball passive vomlumepedal
                                  1 roland ev-5 expressionpedal
                                  some switches to control the 

This works great whenever there are amplifiers on the scene where im