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Re: multiple echoplex syncing (was: Hello and Help)

Kim Flint wrote:
> first question: do both units have the new software upgrade? 

Yes!  I upgraded my older unit.  Both loopers are now identically 
configured with maxed-out RAM and 

> If I were doing this, I would set the master to have the larger 8ths/beat
> value (8) and the slave the smaller. (2 would be the right thing for your
> diagram.)  

Thanks for this suggestion.  And the explanation that followed.  I am 
meeting better success now and have a 
much better idea of what is going on.  I'm sure I'll have further 
questions but for now, here are some things 
I noticed:

1) I have quantize on.  But on both my units the parameter (SwitchQuant, 
right?) give me the choices of "OFF", 
"CyC", and "CnF" and the manual describes only "On" and "OFF".  I set mine 
to "CyC".  Could you explain what 
"CyC" and "CnF" mean?

2) When I have loops in both units and the slave is synched properly to 
the master, I notice unusual behavior 
from the slave when I try to do a NextLoop, Multiply sequence.  I use this 
to do a loop-copy into the next 
(empty) loop.  I hit NextLoop right after the slave loop begins (it's 
about 14 seconds long) and, rather than 
entering a "lame duck period", the slave immediately switches to the next 
loop.  If I set Sync to "Off" this 
doesn't happen, i.e., the slave enters a "lame duck period", but then the 
units aren't synched any more.

3) From your explanation and my understanding, I conclude that the slave 
and master may have differing ideas 
of where things begin.  Visually, this would be shown by the StartPoint 
indicator of the slave not flashing at 
the same time that the StartPoint of the master flashes.  Diagrammatically:

master loop:       |---------------------------------------|

slave loop:         ------|---------|---------|---------|---

If this is so, is there a way to "realign" the slaves synching?

Kim, I really appreciate your help and information and, especially, that 
you experimented to see what actually 
happens.  I know how time consuming this can be.  I've been pulling my 
hair out, actually reading manuals and 
books on midi :), to try to figure this out.


- Dennis Leas