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Re: Subscribe

At 02:49 PM 4/28/98 EDT, CURBSPHERE wrote:

The subscriptions are automated, and sending a post to the list won't do 
Check the directions at:


>How much should I be paying for a Oberheim
>Echoplex Digital Pro with 4 meg and upgrade,
>including the foot pedal ?
>This music company in town is asking
>$700.00 for the unit with the foot pedal.
>Is this a good price?

sounds typical. maybe even less than typical. (I don't follow the prices
very carefully, though.)

>I thought they were going for about
>$560.00 with the foot pedal.

nope. I think you could get it for that price a couple of years ago, 
the footpedal. I don't think it's been that low in quite a while. Although,
at that time you would have been getting it with 1MB memory installed, for
12.3 seconds. Now they sell it with 4MB installed (50 seconds) at the price
they used to have the 1MB version. Dropping DRAM prices to the rescue.....

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