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Re: Microtonality

> Has anyone on this list ever listened to microtonal music? Do you like =
> microtonal music? Have you ever wondered why we all use the same tuning =
> system that most of us would be better off in a more suttle tuning =
> system or one with great dissonance? If you feel the way i do. Than you =
> are a searcher too! Please get in touch and be a TRUE innovator.
> Jeff Collins
> collinsclan@sprintmail.com

I've had some exposure through the UCSD music department (Partch, etc.),
and a tiny bit from a San Diego group promoting microtonal music that
had some ties to Ivor Darreg, who crusaded for temperaments that are _not_
based on multiples of 12 (19-tone, 21-tone, etc.).   Actually I think
the majority of my exposure to microtonality is through music forms from
around the world (Arabic, Indian, Indonesian, etc.). 

I like the idea of exploring alternate temperaments and am always 
in hearing them.

However, I also happen to like modern forms like bebop and cleverly written
pop music which would not have been possible without equal temperament.  I 
enjoy listening to the key modulations and such made possible by equal 
temperament.  Alternate temperaments (not counting just intonation, of 
because just about every musician who does not play a keyboard or fretted 
instrument actually plays in just intonation, if I'm not mistaken) work 
with music where there aren't a lot of key changes.


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