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Re: Spin-17

That's right!  Oh well, we should try to meet somewheres anyways.  Spin-17
is playing first at 9pm, Donald's playing at 10 or so....
As far as loop-content in this post ;)  , I'll be using both the PDX8000
(echo+) box and the old DFX94 in series.  That's been my setup for about 2
years now and I'm still discovering new things and techniques with that.
Despite their lofi capabilities, I still swear by them...at least until the
DFX98 and the Space Station thingy I keep been hearing about comes along.

tdbajus <nyfac2@nyfac.com> on 04/30/98 07:07:10 AM

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Subject:  Re: Spin-17

But that's at the same time as my show!  (also in NYC)

But, seriously folks, when do the festivities start?  My gig should be over
@ 10:30 or so, and we drop our gear off practically next door.  I would
forward to meeting some of our members in the flesh, so to speak.