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Re: Stupid Looping Questions... and $0.02

Merzbow is way cool. His music for Bondage is splendid, tedious, profane ( 
in its
raw and nothing else other than noise approach ). I typically shy away 
from such
stuff "avant noisey stuff " cause it usually sounds the same but something 
happening in a big way with Merzbow.

Anyone have any clue as to what types of equip. Merzbow used ?? Like is 
everything from a sampler or is he actually playing that industrial 
clangs and clings & is there a technique to his stuff ???
I cant find any Merzbow stuff in record shops either. Good stuff  tho.


Crossedout@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 98-07-28 16:09:55 EDT, you write:
> << >7.  How does a DJ get tempos to match when using samples from various
>  >sources?
>  With turntables, it usually involves manipulating the speed knob and 
>  needle placement. I get the impression that it is harder than it 
> Actually, I've been told by a couple of people who were working with 
> turntables and trying to match tempos with them that getting a good pair 
> Technics with the pitch control and fast startup made the process a 
>whole lot
> easier... can't wait until I find a cheap pair....
>  >10. So far, looping uses the following for source material:  
>  >voices, noises and pre-recorded material.  What other source materials 
>  >there?
>  I like David Meyer's approach of using the loop device as it's own 
>  by feeding it's output back to it's input. Lots 'o fun, especially when 
>  have eq's and distortions in the feedback path.
>   >>
> I don't know if anyone on the list is familiar with a Japanese artist 
> Merzbow, he's been doing some really crazy noise stuff for years by using
> effects and a closed-feedback loop mixer.... it's really harsh, but 
>often very
> beautiful.
> thus ends my two cents....
> - Bill
> Crossedout@aol.com