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Re: CD prices and my whole point

Not to be mean headed but this last post got me thinking a few things.

More overly analytical verbiage from me again.

Ever notice how opinions and subjective thought get turned into arguments 
and firm
stances or debatable topics.

Crossedout@aol.com wrote:

> I stand by my arguments ... [snip]

How do opinions become arguments when its just an opinion - no more or no 
less -
only a subjective opinion.And this one really throws me.

> Art is in the doing and the enjoyment, either by and for yourself or 
> else who hears you. Making a living off of it is commerce.

Who says exactly what art is ??? And just why is commerce excluded from 
existence or function or impact ??? Making money is an art, ... Living is 
an art
... , Cooking is an art ... , Hell even Killing is an art ... just about 
you can think of is, can & has been or could be classified as art at some 
point in

I know this is a sophmoric sounding question but who really knows what art 
is or
perhaps its pointless to "argue" what is art in any context let alone to 
even try
to put a definition on it. The more you try to define art the more elusive 
becomes ... that much seems universally true imho :)  Whenever that 
arises it seems it has more to do with a personal agenda than what art has 
to say
but ya know thats an art in and of itself I suppose :)

> - Bill *somehow, I don't think this is the end of it*
> Crossedout@aol.com