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Re: Re[2]: Boomerang/EDP different layout

Mike wrote:

>     I'm getting tired of all yoose musician's believing that all of 
>     tools should be designed just for you! 
>     What about us non-musicians and audience members? I want super large 
>     LCD readouts so I can read along and stay up to speed wit wutsup in 
>     your rig... Talk about musician-centric...
>     -mb


Mike raises an interesting point. We`ve all been terribly impressed with 
the flashing
racktuners that lights up at every note. I love that. How about a a big 
display that
tells us what cord is being played , or where the guitarist stole that 
You could call it "The LickDetector" and market it as "the Originality 
I can already hear guitarist go. "yeah man , I scored tops on the 
LickDetector test. Only a coupla Hendrix licks snuck in , but they were 
all impressed........"

Yours , Thomas