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In a message dated 8/26/98 6:53:11 PM Central Daylight Time,
sgoodman@earthlight.net writes:

<< I as a composer find it incredibly
 encouraging to know that I indeed do have the same rights on this level 
 say, WB. >>

Having the same rights as WB and being able to enjoy the fruits of those
rights are not the same thing. 

If push comes to shove, do you have the money to fight a protracted legal
battle to defend yourself in a rights dispute against, for example, WB? An
extreme example, but one that artists find themselves in all too often. 

Take a look at Negativlands' legal battles, or John Oswald's Plunderphonics
problems, or (in a somewhat different vein, but similar result) Jello 
and Alternative Tentacles' legal disputes. 

The Black Panthers used to say that "all power comes from the barrel of a
gun"... these days it more like "all power comes out of the fattest 

- Bill