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Re: edp ?

dan sumner wrote:
> Will you please tell me what EDP is?  Also, do you know
> of a good sound card with A/D and MIDI?--

To most of the world, EDP means Electronic Data Processing.  To us 
loopers, it generally means the 
Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro (see: 
http://www.annihilist.com/loop/tools/echoplex/echoplex.html for 
details).  However, a quick web search turns this up:
---------- FORWARDED MESSAGE --------------------
       "Ken Westra" <ken@amc.ab.ca>
       Fri, 24 May 1996 11:31:13 MST7MDT
       EDP Toxicity

We were wondering if anyone had information beyond the MSDS sheets on the 
toxicity of EDP ? 

We have been using EDP for quite awhile and take various precautions when 
working with it. For the last 
we have been transfering most of our SI etch work to safer etches (KOH, 
TMAH), however, we have one
production process that seems to need EDP for decent yields. For this 
reason, we decided to spend some 
looking into EDP toxicity. Any help would be greatly aprreciatated. 

Ken Westra 
Staff Scientist -- Alberta Microelectronic Centre
---------- END FORWARDED MESSAGE ----------------

Kim, do you know anything about "EDP toxicity"?  Ever since I've been 
exposed to mine, my thinking has 
changed.  It's affected my neural passages!  I ignore my family and 
friends!  I got one, but it wasn't 
enough.  I ended up SELLING some stuff to BUY ANOTHER ONE!  AND NOW I WANT 

Sorry about the smart-a** answer, Dan!  I must be avoiding stuff at work...

- Dennis Leas