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Re: Totally Frustrated With My EDP !!!!!

Hi Douglas,

I want to say that I sympathize with you.  I bought my EDP last june and it
would never work with the expansion memory (two different sets) that I
installed,though it worked fine with the original 50secs of memory.  I
finally sent it back to Oberheim, they repaired it and got it back promptly
to me and now it works perfectly. My only complaint is that they didn't 
me what was wrong with it.  I hope everything works out for you. Hang in
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From: Douglas Lawrence <douglas-lawrence@home.com>
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Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 9:36 PM
Subject: Totally Frustrated With My EDP !!!!!

><Warning -- rant below!>
>I have had my "new" EDP since March of this year and it has not worked
>since the day I got it. The original problem was sporadic locking of the
>or jumping into Record mode when I hit Overdub or Undo. Originally I
>it was just my lack of experience using the EDP or just being clumsy with
>the footpedal, so I gave it a couple of weeks. The I noticed the unit 
>not "boot" properly with a blank screen or just hang after running a loop
>for a while.
>I suspected the new 16 Mb of RAM I had installed, maybe a bad SIMM, so I
>returned the one brand I purchased and got another set of chips from
>manufacturer. Still had the same problem after installing the replacement
>chips and with the original chips shipped with the EDP.
>So now I take it to an "authorized" service center in NYC ("Triple S").
>had the EDP for three or four weeks and were unable to fix it. The unit 
>then shipped by Triple S to Oberheim, where they repaired Triple S's
>and also made some other modifications, like adding the new voltage
>regulator and some other mod's. BTW, Mike Ayers was quite helpful in
>organizing this effort.
>When I get the EDP back after a couple of weeks, I now notice that when I
>hit Undo, the EDP kicks into Record mode and I still get the weird "boot"
>blank screen problem. This is after the unit was completely checked out by
>Now I find out that Gibson is in the midst or a major reorganization and
>laying off people. It looks like Tobias and Steinberger will not exist for
>awhile (possibly forever) and Oberheim is temporarily shutdown. I spoke
>Mike Ayers today and they won't be able to accept the unit for an
>unspecified amount of time for repairs.
>I am totally frustrated and I would sell this damn EDP in a second if I
>could. (Anybody make a bid??) It has been a totally useless, unreliable
>piece of equipment to me. I watch in amazement at all the posts in this
>group from people who are somehow using EDP's successfully. Does the 
>Law" apply here?
>Are there any "authorized" service centers that someone on the list has 
>a good experience with or that seem to have a good tech that can work on 
>I think I would rather ship it somewhere and not have to look at it with
>hope of it getting fixed rather than see it sitting in my living room,
>jesting at me of all that it promises it can do. The footpedal now acts as
>memorial in my closet.
>Thanks for putting up with my rant ...