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Re: Jamman a couple of revisions

>       Hello,
>       i have a jamman that i would like to sell. i payed about $550
>       for it; it includes full memory expansion, power supply, 
>       footswitch, and an art x-11 pedal board to send program change
>       messages. its in very good condition; no scratches or 
>       or operational weirdness involved. the reason im trying to sell it 
>       is because i payed a lot of money for it and ive realized i
>       just cant afford it.
>       im not asking what i payed for it unless someones willing to
>       give me that much. i will listen to offers.
>       thank you,
>       joseph devlin 


        i have a couple of additions to make with regards to this
        forsale post.

        first, my arrangements to expand the device have fallen through,
        so this jamman is _not_ expanded. i know that this can be done
        for about $40, which was what i was going to do in the
        first place. now im not.

        second, i have received offers for $350. if the person who
        offered that is still interested in talking, i would
        ask him to please send me email.

        thank you,

        joseph devlin