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ensoniq dp/pro, anyone?

hey all,

i picked of these up over the weekend.  a local guy was unloading it 
rather cheaply.  i thought some of the reverbs were really good, and i 
noticed that the delays had time-stretching capabilities (yay!), which 
can be controlled by cc's or an internal lfo!

one of the effects is a "looper."  however, i'm having trouble getting 
it to work as one.  i've read the manual cover to cover (yes, i really 
did rtfm) and there's very little info on how the looper works.

it looks like it could be really cool, as the time stretch parameter can 
vary from +1600% to -1600%, where negative values indicate backwards 

so, does anyone have any experience with this little guy?  can anyone 
offer a hand?  i haven't been able to fine much info on the dp/pro 
beyond what was on harmony-central's review database.


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