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Re: acid

At 03:40 PM 1/6/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I have to say that Acid is the perfect tool for drum & bass programming.
>Maybe you haven't tried the key S to chop the loop in all the parts you
>want... tha basis for the breakbeat ;)

Yeah. I should definitely RTF online pdf file. I wish software 
would come with a printed manual like the old days...

>I use Acid a lot but rarely whole loops going on and on. I think it's 
>boring in that way. BTW I mainly program my basic beats using other 
>or my sampler. Then I arrange and edit in Acid. 
>If I had to buy a prog for the next decade that would be Acid. It's really
>great and flexible (no warez... I had it for testing...) for ALL the 
>PS It's really hard to have seriuos d&b tracks using a drum machine. Use
>only Acid with the classic breakbeats you can find on the Net and you'll
>have great results. Check 
>for a little example. A lot of this comes from Acid (plus A3000, VST,
>Wavesurgeon, Waves plugins, SoundForge, Wavelab, etc.....)  

I'll definitely keep this in mind. That mp3 file sounds pretty cool.